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Sold Out For Jesus daily devotion online

G. John White's first devotional Sold out for Jesus covers 12 vital themes of Christianity.

16 October 2019

October Topic: Grace

As it is not until we have a deep appreciation of what GRACE is and means, that we really come into the full liberty in Christ that we have been purchased to experience, let's take this month to explore some of its depths and treasures.

Romans 5:1


That is, actually, the real crux of the matter.

We tend to say that we are saved from hell. When actually we are saved from God's wrath... which culminates in the Lake of Fire. Death and Hades are thrown there too, if you read Revelation 20:14. You say - so what's the difference? There is a whole lot of difference. If we concentrate on Hell we do two things. One, we concentrate on satan, and secondly we get an impure view of God.

When Jesus died on the cross for us, His motives were far higher than just winning us back from satan's clutches. Yes, He did that, but He did far more than that. When His disciples returned from their first taste of mission, they were all excited by the fact that they had power over the demons.

Jesus replied that, that was not the issue. The big issue was to have their names written in Heaven (Luke 10:20) In the Lamb's "Book of Life." Why? Satan can't send you to Hell - only God can. So, if your name is written in Heaven, you are neither going to have to endure the Holy Wrath of God nor the second Death.

We have, to our own detriment, paid far too much attention to satan and far too little to God. Yes, satan is the enemy, but he is a defeated foe. All that is left for him is one disaster after another until the ultimate oblivion. We are to tread on the serpent's head. That's all he can look forward to, and yet, how many of us as Christians spend our time worrying about his schemes, his authority, his strongholds and apparent 'attacks.'

My friend, he should be far more worried about OUR attacks on his territory and his kingdom and seeing his captives set free and released permanently into the Kingdom of Light, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, than we should worry about him.

Let's now turn to the other side. We are saved from God's wrath. That changes our 'view' of God. He no longer remains the 'wishy washy, wimpish god' this world proclaims, who is such a god of love that all will get into Heaven in the end.

THAT IS NOT THE BIBLICAL GOD! The Biblical God calls Himself a jealous God. Sin cannot enter into His Holy Presence and must be punished. There are no exceptions - all are destined to suffer the Wrath of God.

However, into this unalterable sentence walks Jesus Christ - the Perfect and Holy One. He took the wrath of God and "drank the last drop." He absorbed it all so that anyone who repents, puts their trust and life in His hands will not be sentenced nor have to endure God's awesome and Holy Wrath.

That is how we have Peace with God. Jesus had to pay the price for us.

Are you grateful? If so, tell Him now.


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