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Daily Devotions by Email

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If you've been enjoying the Sold Out For Jesus daily devotion online and/or the Ring of Truth daily devotion online you can sign up for these daily devotions to be emailed to you. Simply fill in your email address below, select which devotions you want to receive, and click Subscribe. You will be sent a confirmation email. In order to start receiving the devotional emails you need to reply to it, using the same email address you are trying to subscribe. You will not receive any devotional emails until you reply to the confirmation email (which needs to be done within 24 hours).

If you want to change your subscription simply select which devotions you'd now like to receive, then fill in the other required information and click Subscribe. Note that clicking Subscribe will overwrite any existing subscription settings for your email address with the subscription settings chosen. Only one subscription change can be made in any 24 hour period.

If you want to unsubscribe it doesn't matter which devotions are selected – just fill in the email address that you've been receiving the emails on, enter the code, and click the Unsubscribe button.

Devotional emails are sent at 5am New Zealand time. New Zealand standard time is GMT +12 while New Zealand daylight savings time (late September to early April) is GMT +13.

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Sold Out For Jesus and Ring of Truth – daily devotionals by John White
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