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The Cloud of Witnesses

Former title Lessons From the People of the Bible



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Lesson 4: Esther – Formidable Queen / Purim


Esther 9.

Never forget the times God came through for you

The second edict was passed and the courier troops raced throughout the land ensuring that even in the farthest towns, the message was heard – the Jews could defend themselves! What a mighty rescue – what a miraculous escape! No wonder they celebrated their freedom and escape. No doubt it reminded them of an earlier escape from Egypt. Both ‘escapes’ had the Hallmark and Hand of God upon them. They had the Feast of Passover to remind them of the rescue from Egypt – so Esther established the Feast of Purim to celebrate this rescue from their enemies.

When Abraham and Jacob met with God, they set up altars as places of remembrance. It was important to them and gave them a ‘map reference’ in their journey of life.

We all need them! I have many! I can think of many places in the world where I have had a ‘special’ or ‘significant’ encounter with God. One was in Ilfracombe in England. I realised for the first time in my life that God was interested in every aspect of my life and wanted an intimate relationship with me. One was in Carshalton, South London, where I found out that God still has the power to heal today! Many were in Christchurch, NZ where I found out Radio Rhema was a God-given and anointed ministry. One was in Tonga where I realised I had to give up working with Radio Rhema and start being a Pastor at Greenlane Christian Centre, Auckland.

Yes, we all need them and we all need to remember specifically that we have been ‘born again’ of the Spirit of God. That is why God established the Lord’s Supper – Communion. So we would remember that Jesus died for us – in our place and celebrate our rescue from sin and its penalty – the Wrath of God.

Let’s never take it for granted but use it as a time of reflection, thankfulness and celebration.

Esther would say to us today...

Cultivate a gratitude attitude and above all else create memories that will out-live you!


Father, may I never forget Your awesome Plan of Salvation! Thank You Lord Jesus for coming to this earth and for dying for the sin of the world. Thank You for dying in my place so I might be forgiven and have peace with God. Thank You Holy Spirit for coming into my life to be with me forever. Help me give You more and more authority in my life so I become more and more like Jesus to God’s glory. Amen.

Additional readings

Joshua 23:14-16 & 24:14-24; Exodus 13:1-16; Luke 7:36-50.


Where are your ‘spiritual’ altars of remembrance?

Why is it so easy to become complacent and ungrateful?

How do we keep ourselves living with a gratitude attitude?

What have you done, or been involved with that will outlive you?

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