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The Cloud of Witnesses

Former title Lessons From the People of the Bible



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Lesson 4: Isaac – The Faithful Man


Genesis 25:19-26.

Supportive Husband

It takes a while for barrenness to show. It is quite obvious that Isaac loved Rebekah, but it is also suggested from the record in Scripture that their love continued to grow throughout their married life.

It is quite probable that for the first few years of their marriage they just enjoyed each other’s company. They would have a lot of discovery to make about each other and about sharing their hopes and dreams. Isaac would have spent many hours telling Rebekah of all his experiences and what God had promised about their future.

However, marriage is also the way of continuing the family line; sooner or later Isaac and Rebekah would have started trying to have a family. You can understand their sadness at finding out that Rebekah was barren.

Barrenness was a valid reason for divorce or at least the acquisition of more wives and or mistresses. Just imagine the pain Isaac would have felt realising that the wife who had been arranged for him was infertile.

She wasn’t his choice – she had been ‘forced’ on him and had proved to be a dud! So what did Isaac do – scream, mope, become sullen and distant? No, he interceded for his wife. Wow, what a man!

He managed to see beyond his own needs and despair to see the pain in Rebekah’s heart. Instead of dancing up and down in frustration and selfish misery, he sought help. Where did he go? To his Father God.

The One who had provided his miracle birth. The One who had rescued his life from death, there on the mount of Moriah. What name did Abraham give God that day? Jehovah-Jireh. What does that name mean? God will provide!

Yes, God provided a ram, a substitute sacrifice that day. But He also gave Isaac his life. He provided the answer that Abraham and Isaac needed. He answered their unuttered prayer by providing the miracle Himself.

If God could provide Isaac, and if God could provide a ram – could God not do it again and provide a son through Rebekah? Isaac would not stand by and do nothing. He would approach and ask His Heavenly Father for help.

His heart overflowed with compassion and he prayed to God for her. And God heard his prayer and provided two sons!

Isaac stood in the gap for his wife. He was going to do everything he could to see her reach her destiny in God. What about you? Will you do the same?

Isaac would say to us today...

If you want to be married to a princess – treat her like one. Understand her needs and desires and then intercede on her behalf before God.


Father, Your Word tells us that Jesus gave up everything for His Church and that is the way You want us to love and serve our wives. Please help us reflect Jesus in our marriages more and more. Amen.

Additional readings

Proverbs 31; Ruth 3; Ephesians 5:22-33.


How well do you treat your spouse?

When did you last go out on a ‘date’?

What could you do to improve your relationship?

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