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The Cloud of Witnesses

Former title Lessons From the People of the Bible



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Lesson 6: Joseph – The Prime Minister of Egypt


Genesis 41:41-57.

The Prime Minister of Egypt

I wonder how Joseph felt once he was made Prime Minister. It takes a man with moral character and integrity to handle a promotion that big. The answer lies in the fact that all the way through he knew who he was – a servant of the Lord. He also believed he was a man of destiny. He would not settle and succumb to his circumstances.

As a slave, he would work to become the best slave he could. As a prisoner, he would work to be the best prisoner. Honesty, trustworthiness and integrity were the hallmarks of Joseph’s life. Everyone trusted, respected and looked up to him, even while he was in the lowest position any person could be in. His attitude was what made the difference.

He had a dream from God and he was going to follow it through – not by force but through self-control and obedience. Yes, he was obedient to the circumstances but not a slave to them. His eyes were focused on God and his trust grew from year to year and from one experience to the other. The circumstances may change but God remained the same and so did Joseph’s trust in God. He would persevere, accept what was ‘given’ to him and trust God for the outworking of it.

Yes, Joseph is a fantastic example to us all. He could have given up. He could have discarded the dream – especially as it seemed that as soon as he received it, everything conspired to make it seem increasingly impossible to be fulfilled. However, Joseph was determined to see it through. Yes, I’m sure that Joseph, like the rest of us, experienced doubts and wondered what God was up to. Maybe he even asked God “Why?”

But his faith in God never wavered. He was Jacob’s son, a true son of Israel. He’d seen what Jacob went through and decided that Jacob’s God was faithful and so he would make Jacob’s God his God and serve Him. Even as Prime Minister, he would believe the dream – Pharaoh’s dream, and fulfil the requirements to the letter. He went throughout the land storing grain and preparing for the drought.

Each and every time, he concentrated on the job in hand and left the rest to God. And God delivered. Delivered him from slavery, delivered him from prison and eventually delivered him from drought. Through it all, God never left him but made Joseph prosper.

God wants to do the same for you. In this world we seem so intent on today that the future has become insignificant. We seek instant gratification. Instant coffee, instant or fast food, instant sexual gratification, regardless of the consequences on others or us. We have become sucked in by the age-old philosophy – eat, drink and be merry (indulge).

Joseph would say to us today...

Think of the future. The circumstances never change the promises of God. Be resolute. Don’t give up on your dream from God and don’t do anything which might jeopardise it.


Father, thank You that You are a totally trustworthy God. Thank You that Your promises have never failed and never will fail. Thank You that I can live in the light of the promises in the Bible. Help me to trust You more and to make those promises mine. Amen.

Additional readings

Joshua 24:1-16; 2 Corinthians 1:18-22; Hebrews 11:13-40.


What has happened to you which has challenged your faith in God?

What promises of God are you hanging on to?

What price are you prepared to pay in order to wait for them to become a reality?

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