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The Cloud of Witnesses

Former title Lessons From the People of the Bible



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Lesson 2: Moses – Moses The ‘Arch-typical’ Adolescent!


Exodus 2:11-22.

“My way” is not always the best way!

We have all heard the advice – “Ask a teenager – whilst they still know it all!”

I have no doubt that Moses’ mum had his best interests at heart. I’m also sure that she would have taught him that the Hebrews did not belong in Egypt and that they were suffering humiliation and hardship under the enforced labour of the Egyptians.

She knew of the need of a Deliverer and as she told Moses of the need, I’m sure that he looked around for the Deliverer and not finding one standing up, decided that he was as good as the next one!

No doubt as he grew he became emotionally identified with the dispirited Hebrews and questioned himself and God what was going to be done about the blatant injustice. He no doubt felt impotent. He was neither a ‘recognised’ Hebrew nor born an Egyptian. He had privilege but no authority. He had security and grandeur far above his ‘position’ and racial ethnicity, but no peace. Undoubtedly, he wrestled with his identity and the overwhelming futility of his royal lifestyle.

The older he grew, the more the injustice of his ‘real’ people, his family played upon his mind. He had to do something about it. When he saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, it not only broke his heart but also suddenly released all his pent-up anger. He let fly at the Egyptian and killed him. However, instead of being grateful, word got out among the Hebrews and he fled in case it got to the ears of the Palace Court. He lost family, home and everything he knew because he tried to do things “My Way”.

That seems to be the value system we have today. If it feels good, do it; if you feel aggrieved, take the law into your own hands and get it dealt with. Don’t worry about the consequences of your actions. Stand up for yourself and your rights, regardless of the effects on yourself or others.

Moses would say to us today...

Stop. Talk to God first. Seek His will and way before going and doing it your way. Just consider there may be a better way! His plans are always superior – even if we have to wait. He alone knows the big picture!


Father, please forgive me for wanting everything in a hurry – even patience! Help me realise that Your way is always best and Your timing is perfect. Teach me to trust You more knowing that You have both my present and my future well in hand. Amen.

Additional readings

Proverbs 3; Matthew 6:25-34; Romans 8:28-39.


What are the things that cause you to doubt God knows what you are going through?

What are the things you normally pray about?

Should you pray about other things too?

What are the things you ‘give to God’ and then ‘take back’ again?

How can we learn to stop doing that?

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