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The Cloud of Witnesses

Former title Lessons From the People of the Bible



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Lesson 3: Moses – Moses At The Burning Bush


Exodus 3:1-22.

Look for the extraordinary in the ordinary!

Bush fires often begin spontaneously! One minute the bush is benign and the next, a raging inferno. It would not have been unusual for a bush to catch fire in that arid, burning, barren desert. Moses had probably seen hundreds over the years he had been a shepherd. But today was different. This time the fire was not consuming the bush! Yes, there was fire all right but the bush remained untouched!

As he looked intently at the unusual sight, he became aware of something far greater than a bush or even a bush on fire! God called to Him from the bush and told him that the ground was now Holy. He experienced an encounter with God. God took an ordinary thing in Moses life – a desert bush - and turned it into an extraordinary moment in time.

Moses was to meet with God and be given one of the greatest commissions anyone ever received. Firstly, God introduced Himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Moses had been taught about Him! He was to be feared above all and no one could use His name or live in His Presence and so he hid his face.

Amazingly, God told Moses to go and do what he had already tried to do but had failed at! Yes, God wanted Moses to deliver the Hebrews from Egypt. The only difference was that this time God was coming down to rescue them and He was sending Moses to do it! The Authority under which Moses was to perform the task (and miracles) was the Ultimate Authority. He was given a new name for God – I AM. The ‘was and am and will be’ God. The God who is totally able and eternally existent. With such a commission, he could not fail!

How easy it is for us to get settled into the ‘rat-race’ or the ‘humdrum’ repetitiveness of the routine of our lives! We don’t have time for God or being still to hear His voice. We are far too busy and yet far from effective. We have all the labour-saving devices but have no time for reflection or waiting on God.

Moses would say to us today...

You can find God even in the simple and routine things of life. Don’t miss those opportunities – they are God’s way of setting a burning bush in your way! When you recognise the opportunity, take time out to receive your commission from God and your life will never be the same – AND you’ll never regret it!


Father, thank you so much for that absolutely awesome sunset the other night! Please forgive me for taking those things for granted so often. Help me to see and remember that You are always trying to get my attention – even through the ‘small’ things of nature. Amen.

Additional readings

Jeremiah 1:7-10; Psalm 139; Isaiah 61:1-6.


What are the things you most often take for granted?

What has God asked you to do?

What is God’s life purpose for you?

What is your next step?

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