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The Cloud of Witnesses

Former title Lessons From the People of the Bible


Set 1

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Lesson 3: Noah – Was Obedient To God’s Vision


Genesis 6:14-22.

Was Obedient To God’s Vision

I find this passage of Scripture quite mind-blowing. Have you ever stopped to consider the impact of these words on Noah? How did he get his mind around this amazing request from God?

If it has never rained, how would you know it would begin? And why would you want to build a boat big enough for all the species of living things if the biggest building you have ever owned was a home.

How did God reveal His vision of a flood and an ark to Noah? You and I read it today and think of huge container ships or the liner, Queen Victoria, and think the ark must have been a ‘piece of cake’ in comparison – but how many of us have actually built a boat in our back-yard? How many of us have built the equivalent of a cross-straits ferry? Even 4000 years after the Flood it would still have been an amazing achievement.

When we consider the detail given Moses for the Tabernacle, the instructions for the ark are conspicuous by their absence, and the ark was about twice the length of the Tabernacle, let alone having 3 decks.

I also love the almost throw-away comment – “You are to take every kind of food that is to be eaten and store it away for food for you and for them.” That was a huge ask. This was not for a weekend camp – this was for a voyage of more than six weeks where there were no stop-offs or replenishing ports.

I guess Noah was totally overwhelmed by the vision. If he was overwhelmed – what must his wife and kids be thinking – let alone the daughters-in-law? No wonder the locals had difficulty receiving his message. They probably thought he had been struck by lightning and should be avoided at all costs.

Ever received something like that from God? I have. No, not quite so wild, but a vision most Christians told us would never happen. However, it did and today United Christian Broadcasters beams into most of Europe. I guess God means what He says. And yes, I have had the privilege of being part of many God-given visions and they are still going ahead today.

One of the ways we can tell it’s of God rather than a bright idea is that it is far too big for us to do or imagine for ourselves. God does it to prove that His grace and power have not been thwarted or diminished by time or space – He still loves to create something impossible out of nothing.

There is another vision we all need to have and share. It is the vision of another Ark. We need the Ark because God is to destroy the earth once more. He made it – it gives Him the right to do what He likes with it. Yes, He is going to pour out His wrath again on all wickedness and unrighteousness. The only escape is to accept the Ark God has made for us – Jesus Christ – and His Blood shed at Calvary, on the Cross, to redeem us and grant us forgiveness and eternal life.

It is that vision we need to share with others who don’t know the truth yet.

Noah would say to us today...

Don’t be surprised if God gives you a vision for something which is beyond your ability or comprehension – for then it is easier to accept it as His vision rather than your good idea.


Father, thank You for the awesome privilege of receiving Your vision – the Plan of what You are going to do on earth. Help us receive Your vision for each of our lives. Amen.

Additional readings

Isaiah 6; 1 Samuel 15:1-23; Matthew 25:31-46.


What is God’s vision for your life?

How can we tell it is God’s vision?

Who do you need to come along side to help you fulfil the vision?

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