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The Cloud of Witnesses

Former title Lessons From the People of the Bible



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Lesson 6: Noah – Maintained A Life Of Worship


Genesis 8:20-9:17.

Completing a vision can be a very dangerous thing

Noah walked with God before he was given the vision of the ark for the salvation of all those who would turn from their wickedness to Him in faith. He was singled out by God as a righteous person. His life was already a life of worship.

God saw that he was faithful in the small things of life, so He could entrust him with the larger things in life. Since Noah had been trusting God and following His principles in obscurity, God chose him to be His ambassador to the world in the most momentous decision of all time.

Noah continued to worship God as he built the ark and prepared for the Flood to cover the earth. Indeed, he continued to worship God even when his peers ridiculed him and mocked him. He continued to worship God as he assembled all the animals and led them into the ark, and he worshipped God as he fed them and cleaned out the ‘stables’ every day they floated around on the high seas.

Noah worshipped God as he encouraged his sons to help him in the construction of the ark. Noah worshipped God as he hammered the nails and stuck the black tar between the planks to seal it water-tight. Noah worshipped God as he loaded the hay and grain; as he tethered the sheep; as he made the soft nests for the birds to settle.

Noah worshipped God as the door closed to the ark. Noah worshipped God as the rain began to fall and the springs gushed forth from the earth. Noah worshipped God as he looked out and saw nothing but water everywhere, covering the whole earth. Noah worshipped God as he looked out on the water-sodden turf.

Noah worshipped God as he let out the raven and saw it disappear. He worshipped God as he released the dove and took it in again, with a sprig of new leaves in its beak. He worshipped God as it left the ark for the last time. Noah worshipped God, when upon God’s instruction, he opened the door to the ark and released all the animals on to a new earth.

Noah worshipped God when he once more walked upon dry ground. He built an altar and made a sacrifice to God. He offered up some of the clean animals and birds, and “the Lord smelled the pleasing aroma.”

What am I highlighting here? Worshipping is not just singing songs of worship – although it can be an expression of worship. Just imagine the sound of worship on the ark! However, worship is best seen in our obedience to God. A true worshipper is someone who has surrendered his/her will, his/her life, and his/her ambitions and goals to the plans God has for his/her life. Worship happens when we follow through on the vision God gives us. Worship happens in the mundane routines of life, just as much as in the mountain-top experiences.

Because Noah lived a life of worship, he completed the job God had for him. He also never forgot the grace of God to him and his family, and so offered to God an offering – a sacrifice of thanksgiving. However, the burnt offering he offered was only the outward expression of his innermost worship and life of obedience. We should copy his tremendous example.

Noah would say to us today...

Never get over the wonder of your salvation or the awesomeness of God’s holiness, mercy and grace. We should continue to worship Him for who He is as well as for what He has done for us.


Father, what can I say to express my utmost thanks for all You have done for me. For Your mercy, Your forgiveness and for Your grace. May I never take them for granted but rather may I live a life of obedience – a life of worship in spirit and in truth – the sort that You are seeking. Amen.

Additional readings

Romans 12:1-2; Philippians 3:7-16; Psalm 51.


How do we worship God in our everyday lives?

What is the highest form of worship?

How do we maintain a life of worship?

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