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The Cloud of Witnesses

Former title Lessons From the People of the Bible


Set 1

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Abraham (5) — David (5) — Esther (4) — Gideon (5) — Isaac (6) — Jacob (7) — Job (6) — John the Baptist (6) — Jonah (4) — Jonathan (6) — Joseph (10) — Joseph of Nazareth (6) — Mary (4) — Mary Magdalene (4) — Mary of Bethany (3) — Moses (5) — Nehemiah (8) — Nicodemus (4) — Noah (6) — Paul the Apostle (5) — Peter (5) — Philip (4) — Ruth (7) — King Saul (6) — Stephen (6) — Thomas (4)

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Set 2

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Andrew (7) — Caleb (7) — Daniel (7) — Elijah (6) — Elisha (5) — Isaiah (21) — John (22) — Joshua (16) — Leah (2) — Luke (22) — Mary Magdalene (3) — Matthew (9) — Miriam (4) — Nahum (2) — Rachel (6) — Rebekah (5) — Samson (5)

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Lesson 3: Peter – “I Don’t Know Him”


Matthew 26:69-75.

Be prepared to ‘own up’ to being a disciple of Jesus!

When Jesus told His disciples that Passover night that they would shortly run scared of owning up to being His followers, Peter replied that no matter what the others did, Jesus could count on him to be true to the end. Indeed, he even went so far as to say that he would die before denying Jesus.

Jesus looked at him, almost incredulously and said, “Before the rooster crows and announces a new day, you will have disowned me 3 times!”

This is just another example of Peter’s impetuosity. For sure enough, after Jesus was arrested and taken to the Chief Priest’s house, Peter followed and was allowed into the courtyard. However, he hadn’t been there long when he was challenged as to being a follower of Jesus. He denied it. Then someone else remarked that as he was a Galilean, he must be a friend of Jesus. Again he denied it and moved away into the shadows but not before someone who was also in the Garden remarked they had seen him there. That brought forth the most vehement denial! And, yes –The Rooster Crowed!

Peter looked at Jesus and Jesus looked at Peter. Then Peter went out and broke down. How the mighty was fallen! Broken and devastated.

Yes, we all say we are followers of Jesus whilst the going is easy and we are among friends but what about…? The pressure will come on us eventually and we will either crumble like Peter or stand strong. Do you enjoy telling others that you are a disciple of Jesus, or do you ‘hide’ your faith under a bowl and hope it never gets out? Jesus is worthy of our allegiance and we should be prepared to be recognised as one of His servants. It’s the way of peace and assurance rather than fear and doubt. Often the first step to following Jesus is to be baptised in Water!

Peter would say to us today...

I wish I had never let Jesus down! It was the blackest and most traumatic time in my life. I loved Jesus but was so overwhelmed by all that was going on. I cracked. And then He turned and I saw His face. I shall never forget that look in His eyes! It remained with me for the rest of my life.


Father, please make me bolder in my spoken witness for You. But please help me relax and be gracious at the same time. And please give me the discernment to know that when I speak it is because You have already prepared the ‘ground’. Amen.

Additional readings

Mark 8:31-38; Romans 1:8-17; 1 John 2:15-29.


Why are we so scared to admit that we are Christians?

Why is it impossible to be a secret disciple of Jesus Christ?

Why is it so exhilarating when we tell others about what Christ has done for us?

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