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The Cloud of Witnesses

Former title Lessons From the People of the Bible


Set 1

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Lesson 7: Ruth – Became Part Of The Royal Family


Ruth 4:13-22.

Became Part Of The Royal Family

God makes babies! He still does. We may think we can control our bodies and in many ways He allows us to do so – but God is the One who makes babies.

The promise was fulfilled and Ruth became the mother of a son and heir. Ruth’s status of outcast and widowhood was gone forever, lost in the wonder of being a mother in Israel, in the line of Judah and in the standing of Sarah, Rebekah, Leah, Rachel and Tamar.

There is no greater status for any of us than being a Prince or Princess of the King – and that is what each of us becomes when we accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour. Your human heritage doesn’t count; your past is of no consequence – we become of Royal descent and lineage – Abraham is our ‘father’ and Christ Jesus our ‘Brother’.

What greater privilege or status do you seek? Why not spend some time right now thanking God for His incredible love?

We never get over the wonder and excitement of childbirth, do we? Even the most unemotional man can be seen with a tear in his eye once he becomes a Dad – especially if the baby is a son. For the mother, the pain of childbirth is forgotten in the overwhelming joy of holding her own baby.

There personified is everyone’s hope – a life full of promise; the continuation of humanity; the prospect of a life of distinction, and the satisfaction that the family name will live on in the generations to come.

Here we read of the joy to Naomi. The kinsman-redeemer has fulfilled his mission! Ruth has borne her a son. Naomi became the appropriately doting mother-in-law/grandmother. Every child has a destiny. Every child is a message of love from God.

The very climax of our story. It is absolutely right to live one day at a time; however, we need to try and remember that there is a bigger picture being painted on earth by God. We are only a very small speck on the huge canvas God is using to tell His Story. That is why it is so important that we have an eternal perspective, instead of the world-driven instant gratification perspective.

In historical terms, we are just as the Psalmist says – a vapour, here for a few seconds, and then ‘burned off’ by the sun. If our lives don’t have an eternal perspective, they are wasted. Boaz was more than a landowner, more than the son of Salmon, a husband to Ruth, and a father of Obed. He was the son of Rahab, the prostitute from Jericho, and a direct descendant of Judah. He and Ruth became the great grandparents of none other than the great king David, and, in turn, the royal line of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Never ever think that your life is of no consequence. Never think that it is of so little value that it doesn’t really matter how you live or what you do. As a Christian, you are a person with destiny. You are a Prince or Princess of the King – so value your life; don’t waste it on this world, and its values and pleasures – in the eternal scheme of things and the plan of God, it is of incalculable worth. Jesus thought so – that’s why He came to die for you.

Don’t let the enemy con you – you are of inestimable value and your life is of utmost importance to God. You have no concept of what He has in store for you or what He wants to achieve through you. Don’t hold back – go for gold – give Him your all!

Ruth would say to us today...

I was an outcast – a foreigner and a refugee. But by God’s grace, not only did I become a ‘mother in Israel’, I also became the grandmother of King David and a vital link in the chain of the lineage of Israel’s Messiah. We see life just as it is before us – God sees right from the beginning to the end. Wait for His ending – it is beyond our wildest dreams.


Father, please help me remember that there is no such thing as humdrum for You. My life may seem insignificant to me but you know all about it. Please help me to run the race and finish the course You have destined for me, with my eyes and heart focused on eternity with You. For Your Name’s sake. Amen.

Additional readings

Matthew 1:1-17; 2 Timothy 4:5-7; Revelation 21:1-7.


Why doesn’t God let us know everything at once?

How do we keep focused on Eternity?

What disciplines are you engaged in to ensure you finish well?

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