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Ring of Truth provides 366 daily ‘proofs’ that the Bible is consistent throughout from Genesis to Revelation, and relevant for our lives today!

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Jeremiah 9:23-24

This is what the Lord says: “Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom or the strong man boast of his strength or the rich man boast of his riches, but let him who boasts boast about this: that he understands and knows Me, that I am the Lord, who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for in these I delight,” declares the Lord.

What are you boasting about?

The intervening chapters expose the fact that the people kept snubbing God and His laws, speaking falsely and rejecting His overtures of love and forgiveness. They cried ‘Peace’ when there was no ‘peace’ and refused to turn back to the Living God in repentance. Therefore, calamity was promised.

“The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved” (Jeremiah 8:20) is a very poignant verse. How often people feel like that. All their hopes and dreams have come and gone – but they are still empty and in despair, and now, they just don’t know where to turn because the future is completely bleak, cold and without hope. All they trusted in has proved to be shallow and no more than an illusion. And the ‘truth’ they trusted has been exposed as the lie it always was.

Now, where can they turn?

Our verse continues the theme. Boast not in wisdom, boast not in strength, boast not in riches. If your ‘wisdom’ is not from God – what good is it? We see it all around us but what does it produce? Usually it just raises doubts and despair.

If your strength is not from God, it will fail you. How often the fittest die early? How often they have to retire through disability, illness or accident. None of us is the same 50 years down the track. If you think you can make it on your own – think again – that is a recipe for disaster in any area of life.

If your security is wrapped up in your riches or even if your joy depends upon riches, be warned – that is a very hollow pleasure. Riches are like butterflies – they come to rest for a moment on your hand but only for a moment and then they are gone.

All we have belongs to God – riches are not ours, and even with them come fear and stress. Believe me. I used to work in a bank and have seen the results first hand.

No. Rather “let him who boasts boast about this: ‘that he understands and knows Me.’” How can we understand God? We can’t, except in a very small way. Our brains, our finite ability will never do more than scratch the surface of the Infinite – which keeps us humble rather than boasting. But can I know God? Yes, I can – through His Son, Jesus, and His Holy Spirit.

That is what I can boast about. He knows me and I know Him. I am His and He is Mine. And He is a good God of “kindness, justice and righteousness.”

David boasted about God. He said, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want” (Psalm 23:1).

Who is your shepherd?

Do you know the Living God that way?

For if you do – then you too can boast about Him.

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