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Names of God

The Names of God is a book of Names – the Names of God, as used in the Bible.

Every name of God is an eternal Name. It may describe God at a point in time; however, it is equally true today for, as He says, He does not change. In most cases, it describes an attribute or part of the Character of God, because no name can fully explain or describe God.

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These studies are also available as PDF files – see below.




  1. Elohim – Eternally existing and Initiator/Creator
  2. El – shaddai (El-sadday) – All powerful
  3. YHWH – Unique and only true God I AM
  4. Jehovah Nissi (Banner)
  5. YHWH Shalom (Peace)
  6. YHWH Roi (Shepherd)
  7. YHWH Rophe (Healer)
  8. YHWH Yireh (Provider)
  9. YHWH Tsidkenu (The Lord our Righteousness)
  10. The Living One who sees me
  11. Wonderful Counselor
  12. Mighty God
  13. Prince of Peace
  14. Everlasting Father
  15. Fear of Isaac
  16. Pride of Jacob
  17. Israel’s Glory
  18. Rock
  19. Fortress (High Tower)
  20. The Way
  21. The Truth
  22. The Life
  23. King of kings
  24. Lord of lords
  25. High and Lofty One
  26. Holy Holy Holy
  27. Saviour
  28. Redeemer
  29. Source of living water
  30. Lover
  1. Husband
  2. Friend
  3. Guide
  4. Alpha and Omega; The Beginning and the End
  5. Refuge
  6. Shield and Great Reward
  7. Judge of all the earth
  8. Great High Priest
  9. Light
  10. Love
  11. Bread of Life
  12. The Gardener
  13. The Potter
  14. The Refiner
  15. Emmanuel
  16. The Word
  17. The Vine
  18. Door of the sheep pen
  19. Spirit
  20. Jealous God
  21. Consuming Fire
  22. The Presence
  23. Father
  24. Holy Spirit
  25. Son
  26. The Passover Lamb
  27. The Overcoming Lamb
  28. Faithful and True
  29. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah
  30. Ebenezer
  31. The One of Sinai

Names of God complete series (61 PDFs in ZIP archive, 3.9 MB)
Names of God partial series (1 to 59, MS Word document, 475 KB)

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