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Other Resources to Add Value to Your Church Ministry

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If you are looking for other good sites which we particularly support, try these ministries.

The Alpha Course

Greenlane Christian Fellowship

Assist News Network

JD Farag – biblical perspectives on world events.

Behold Israel – biblical perspective on world events with a particular emphasis on Israel.

BIOY – Nicky Gumbel's Daily Devotional covers reading through the entire Bible in One Year with comments.

Bible Quiz

In my role as Director of Pastoral Ministries that included the Cell Group Ministry, I realised that in order to have a sense of unity, belonging and 'family' across the generations and multiple ethnic groups (60) we needed to consider what I call 'added value'. One of the ideas that worked for us was an annual series of challenges ranging from Inter-cell Mini-golf and 10-pin bowling to picnics etc. One of the highlights was the Annual Bible Quiz. Each Cell Group was invited to submit a team of max 6 (you could have more than one team if your group could provide it). Two months out I announced the 'subject' of the Quiz. Usually it was one Book of the Bible. The reasons for the Bible Quiz were:

  1. To encourage people to get to know & study the Bible.
  2. To motivate this over a short and defined time line.
  3. To have fun.
  4. To build a sense of unity across the church.

I have loaded all the files you need covering the suggested administration as well as files of the various questions and answers.

Download all the Bible quiz files (zip file, 256KB) or download individual files:

Sold Out For Jesus and Ring of Truth – daily devotionals by John White
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