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Ring of Truth – a daily devotional

Ring of Truth provides 366 daily ‘proofs’ that the Bible is consistent throughout from Genesis to Revelation, and relevant for our lives today! “The New (Testament) is in the Old concealed, the Old is in the New revealed.” Author John White reveals how.

Have you read from ALL the Books of the Bible?
We often hear “There are so many inconsistencies in the Bible!”
Have you ever been shown the opposite is true?
This book provides answers to these questions!

Ring of Truth will give you the tools and the confidence to know that your faith is rational, reliable, relational and relevant – a faith worth living and dying for!

“I warmly commend Ring of Truth, a valuable resource for growing disciples.” - Dr Raymond Muller, National Director, Alpha in New Zealand.



2nd edition of Ring of Truth now available

New editon, revised and updated! Available for NZ$25 + shipping.

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Today's Ring of Truth daily devotion online

Today's daily devotion from the first edition, updated each day on this web site.

The page also allows you to select any date's daily devotion.



Ring of Truth daily devotion by email

A daily message from the first edition delivered straight to your email inbox each morning (NZ time).



Thank you for joining me for our year long journey together. In my first book, “Sold Out For Jesus”, I wrote about a different subject each month - 12 great Biblical truths and themes. At the end, I realised that I had not quoted from every book in the Bible and so the challenge was laid.

In the past when great ships tied up at the wharf or docks, they were secured with very strong ropes. In order to give confidence in their ropes, the manufacturers would go to tremendous lengths to ensure that each one was tried and tested. Then, as a symbol and as a guarantee of quality and confirmation that the rope had been tested and proved completely trustworthy, they would insert a scarlet thread through the centre of the entire rope. If there was no scarlet thread, the rope was never used. If it was there, it would prove thoroughly trustworthy.

There are always loud voices trying to tell us that the Bible is inconsistent and contradictory, so I have written this book to show from the whole Bible - right through from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22, there is cohesion in all the books and that there are many scarlet threads running through all the Scriptures. These threads are found not only in isolated places but also throughout each of the books. In the Bible, those ‘scarlet threads’ come together to form one glorious ‘Ring of Truth’!

When we consider that the Bible comprises 66 books compiled over 1,500 years, written in three different languages by 40 different and diverse authors: those authors came from right across the socio-economic spectrum, including the rich and the poor, and ranged from a doctor to shepherds and fishermen, and from a king to a tax collector, it is nothing short of amazing – it is a miracle.

The Bible reveals real people, with real struggles and real failures as well as triumphs. It also contains answers for every aspect of life. We will discover them as we travel together. We will see that without a doubt, the hand of God and the inspiration of His Holy Spirit and authorship have guided and set the Scriptures apart from any other literary work.

It is a history book. The facts stack up even today. But it is more than a history book. It is really ‘His Story’. A love letter from God to you. So come with me and discover what God is saying to YOU each day.

As John the Gospel writer wrote, my prayer is also that through reading this book, you will know that Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah, and that through believing in Him, you will experience Eternal Life and an intimate relationship with God as Father (see John 20: 31).

So let’s start our journey at the very beginning …

Sold Out For Jesus and Ring of Truth – daily devotionals by John White
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