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Sold Out For Jesus daily devotion online

G. John White's first devotional Sold out for Jesus covers 12 vital themes of Christianity.

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July Topic: Mission - The Call Of God

This month I want to remind us

What ON EARTH We should be doing!


What is our FATHER'S heartbeat?

What is His greatest desire?

Isaiah 52:7


How beautiful are your feet?

I remember how Arthur Blessitt, who carried a cross, literally thousands of miles around the world always claimed his feet were beautiful! And if the Bible is true, then they are! He had walked where many men, Christian and otherwise, had shunned, had been too afraid, or too bigoted to go. To Israel and Egypt, Jordan and Russia, through the Darien Gap which joins North and South Americas. Through war zones and so called "closed" religious enclaves. He took the message of the Good News of the Cross to hundreds of countries of the world.

I met him both in the Isle of Man and in New Zealand. In both places he was carrying the cross. I spent an evening with him and all I can say is that whatever his feet were like, and they looked good enough to me, (as he showed them to me!), he also "looked" to me very much like Jesus. When he came, my life was the richer and when he left the "aroma" of Jesus remained.

Maybe it's a bit like being a suit. You see some men and you think, "that's a great looking suit". Then you look at another and you think "what a fine looking man". Suits are not supposed to draw attention to themselves, but rather attention to the person wearing them! So too our feet! They become "beautiful", not through massage and manicure, sauna and spice, but through "bringing good news upon the mountains"!

How about your feet? How beautiful are they? Have they taken you around and about to bring "good news", or are they still the carnal feet that don't respond to the call of God. What about the mountains? Have you taken the "good news" to the mountains? What are the "mountains" in your life? Your neighbourhood; the local school - the local beach - the "red-light" district? When did you last take the "good news" there?

Don't tell me your feet won't go there! Tell your feet you want them to become beautiful for the King of Kings and GO - bring "good news" upon the mountains and maybe the normal ailments of feet will not hamper you again!

Remember, in a very real way, Jesus today, has no feet but your feet.

Let's take up His challenge and determine that at the end of our earthly life we can still look at our feet and be thrilled with their beauty!

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