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Sold Out For Jesus daily devotion online

G. John White's first devotional Sold out for Jesus covers 12 vital themes of Christianity.

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October Topic: Grace

As it is not until we have a deep appreciation of what GRACE is and means, that we really come into the full liberty in Christ that we have been purchased to experience, let's take this month to explore some of its depths and treasures.

Ephesians 2:8



But this is probably one of the least 'understood' verses in all of Scripture. And yet the whole of the 'Good News' hangs upon it. It begins with it, ends with it and is 'sustained' by it. The Price has been paid - by Another.

This is undoubtedly the biggest stumbling block of all to so many. There is NOTHING you can ever be, say or do, which will ever earn you your salvation from the Wrath of God against sin. Not only that, we don't deserve it either!

We are destined for Hell through our selfishness, independence and rebelliousness. We deserve God's Holy wrath. BUT we have been granted His 'GRACE'. God's unmerited, unearned, freely given favour. His totally merciful love and on top of that, everything that God stands for; His love, His righteousness, His power, His Glory and His Holiness, are ALL OURS FOR FREE!

Never let anyone allow you to think for one moment, that you can do anything that would ever earn you, or give you the right to God's love. It is totally unconditional.

We sometimes say GRACE is - God's Riches At Christ's Expense. And that is good in that it isn't FREE in the sense that we have been bought "at a price." Christ died. He paid the expense. And what a great price He paid. Read again Isaiah chapters 52 and 53 and Psalm 22. He gave His all.

The Sacrifice was awesome but COMPLETE! No-one has ever endured what He had to endure in the physical and emotional let alone the 'spiritual.' On top of everything else, He was despised and forsaken by His Father, that you and I might go free...

"A thousand a thousand thanksgivings, I give my Redeemer to Thee!"

But not only was the price paid BUT I receive over and above that God's riches! All that God is; all that God can do; all that God will be and all the promises of God are mine!

Do you feel humble yet?

We can't fully grasp it, can we? But, listen, they are all yours, they are all mine, through Christ Jesus, God's One and Only Son and our Lord and Saviour.

Savour this moment for a while. Return here as often as you can!

For it is by grace you have been saved! It is a completed work!

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