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The Cloud of Witnesses

Former title Lessons From the People of the Bible



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Lesson 1: Moses – His Miracle Birth & Princely Childhood


Exodus 1:15-2:10.

We are responsible for the way we bring up our children

Had it not been for the ‘faith’ and courage of his parents, Moses wouldn’t have made it! Pharaoh of Egypt had decreed that all boys born to the Hebrews should be killed at birth. The Hebrew midwives and Moses’ mother had other ideas. So at the risk of their lives, they ‘allowed’ Moses to live. That was the first risk.

Then he had to survive ‘babyhood’. I still don’t know how you stop a baby from crying!! His mother must have been very ingenious – she ‘hid’ him for 3 months!

Then when he was getting stronger and maybe ‘louder’, she devised her best plan yet. She had a dilemma - keep Moses and undoubtedly be discovered or expose him and hasten the end.

Her plan was extremely clever. She planned to exploit a woman’s motherly instinct! She hid Moses in the river among the rushes just where Pharaoh’s daughter bathed! His cry was heard and her heart opened.

Moses’ mum’s scheme didn’t end there. She placed her own daughter close by and once Moses was found and had captivated Pharaoh’s daughter’s heart, Miriam moved in to seal the deal. She offered Moses’ mum as his nurse. Pharaoh’s daughter was delighted and so Moses’ mum was hired to do the ‘job’ she always wanted – to raise her own son! The only difference was that she was now to be paid for the privilege and had to move into the royal residence!

So Moses was brought up in Pharaoh’s palace in Egypt under the authority of the Princess and taught the ways of Jehovah and the Hebrews by his mother.

We also live in a ‘foreign’ world with secular values. We can either submit our children to them or be like Moses’ parents and teach our children the ways of God and prepare them for what He has planned for them.

Moses would say to us today...

Do your duty! Whatever the cost – teach your children to know and accept the ways of God because sooner or later they will have to choose how they are going to live in this world. They deserve the best!

They need to be taught His truth and values. They also need to be taught that they are precious in the eyes of God and He has a special plan and destiny for each one.


Father, thank you so much that I am Your child. Help me to be a good parent and to pass on to my children the knowledge that You love them and have an awesome destiny for each of them, too. Please help me also teach them the things that will make them strong in their faith as they grow up and able to make wise and righteous choices. Amen.

Additional readings

Deuteronomy 1-9; Proverbs 2; Luke 3:51-52.


What are your values for life?

What are you doing to instil them in your children?

How can you help other children know more about God?

When should we start teaching our children about God and His ways?

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